Company Details has been an established and trusted distributer. This not only makes us one of the longest established retailers, but also experts in providing an unparalleled high quality of service. With a friendly and experienced customer service team on hand to assist you, customer satisfaction is guaranteed with

We don’t have a high street presence, as we decided to close our store.  We specialise in providing the latest in pet foods, accessories, toys and all things related to pets.

When buying from, you can experience our expertise and belief in our innovative products, ensuring that you are provided with a high quality product that will last the test of time and suit your requirements perfectly. As we only deal with manufacturers directly we can ensure a high quality product.

Look no further for impressive discounts and deals that will give you exactly what you’re looking for at a great price. is a independently owned company and we have decided to close our shop and start online only. All we do is pet products and we want to bring you everything you need for your precious pets. is the one stop to all your pet needs.

Our Business Ethos

Everyday we do business, we always keep in mind our following key principles…


We earn the trust and confidence of associates, customers, suppliers by the motto treat others to how you wish your yourself or your loved ones to be treated.

New Ideas

We are always on the look out better and innovative products. We know we cannot invent the wheel again but that doesn’t stop us bringing new products and services, for our customers to use for their pets.

Customer comes first…

We look after our customers by listening to their needs and passionately delivering on our promises. Failure is not an option. Without our customers we don’t have a business.


We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with PetBargain and look forward to working with you.